Assessing Clinical Reasoning Skills with Data: The NEJM Healer Educator Portal

In this webinar we discuss how to collect and use real data and expert feedback to identify where your learners are in developing their clinical reasoning skills and guide them to improved performance.

NEJM Healer is a novel application that provides learners with the deliberate practice they need to master the clinical reasoning process, and provides educators with extensive information on learner performance to help you teach and assess these essential skills.

During this webinar, we:

  • Review the key skills involved in clinical reasoning
  • Examine the use of NEJM Healer performance data in teaching and assessing learners
  • Demonstrate how the NEJM Healer Educator Portal supports faculty in building a curriculum and creating and tracking assignments

This webinar is led by Travis Smith, DO, Associate Dean of Clinical Integration and Assessment at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Raja-Elie E. Abdulnour, MD, Lead Editor and Director of Educational Innovation for NEJM Healer.

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