A Case Based Approach to Incorporating Clinical Reasoning in Your Curriculum

In this webinar we demonstrate how to use realistic patient cases to teach, practice, and assess a wide range of clinical reasoning skills.

NEJM Healer is a novel application that provides learners with the deliberate practice they need to master the clinical reasoning process. It also provides educators with extensive information on learner performance to help them teach and assess these essential skills.

During this webinar, we:

  • Review the value of a case-based approach to clinical reasoning education and the need for assessment during deliberate practice to develop these skills.
  • Show how NEJM Healer cases are constructed to model the patient encounter and foster critical skills involved in clinical reasoning, including:
    • Acquiring data
    • Creating a problem representation
    • Building a differential
    • Activating illness scripts
    • Narrowing in on a most likely diagnosis
    • Developing a sound diagnostic and management plan

  • Demonstrate how NEJM Healer offers a turnkey solution for UME and GME curricula by:
    • Providing rich supporting materials (clinical reasoning overviews, diagnostic schemas, and illness scripts)
    • Addressing core skills, competencies, and EPAs with a wide variety of interactive patient cases at varying levels of difficulty
    • Enabling a flexible approach to meet the wide variety of needs of individual programs (e.g., in class or asynchronously, for deliberate practice or assessment)
    • Fitting into key inflection points to both assess and strengthen clinical reasoning skills (in transition to clerkship, transitioning between clinical rotation, and in transition to residency)
    • Exploring the extensive feedback and assessment data generated by each student case encounter

    This webinar is led by Scott Stern, MD, author of From Symptom to Diagnosis and Professor of Medicine, Clinical Director of Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, University of Chicago School of Medicine, and Raja-Elie Abdulnour, MD, Lead Editor and Director of Educational Innovation for NEJM Healer.

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