When and How to Immerse Clinical Reasoning into Your UME Curriculum

UME curricula vary by class year and across institutions, but it is always critical to introduce clinical reasoning early in your program. Figuring out when and how to fold in clinical reasoning instruction and assessment can be difficult given the challenges of ensuring deliberate practice for learners. NEJM Healer provides focused deliberate practice with objective and targeted feedback, and can assist UME educators in preparing students for real clinical experiences and, ultimately, achieving better patient outcomes as independent professionals.

In this webinar, we share strategies for:

  • Using cases to teach clinical reasoning in both traditional lecture and flipped classroom environments
  • Utilizing virtual patients as formative and summative assessments to identify the need for and provide remediation in clinical reasoning for individual students
  • Embedding clinical reasoning education and deliberate practice in the pre-clinical and clinical phases of your curriculum
  • Employing NEJM Healer – founded on state-of-the-art cognitive science models of clinical reasoning – as a valuable tool for teaching, assessing, and supporting your students

This webinar is led by Andrew Parsons, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and a hospitalist at UVA Health, and Raja-Elie Abdulnour, MD, Lead Editor and Director of Educational Innovation for NEJM Healer.

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